Lavender Oil, Lavender Plants & Lavender Festivals: Exploring the Growing Culinary Tourism of Ontario

Discovering the Purple Road: Lavender Farms and Lavender Festivals in Ontario I believe the true taste of a country, place or city is rooted in its people and their land. It starts with our farmers, the producer of our foods, and moves through the culinary route to the chefs, bakers, and crafters who take the food product and crafts them into various tastes and unique experiences. And the moment those creations touch our tongue and entice our senses, our excitement grows —we want to share this unique experience. So we share the food, we share the stories, the experience and …

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Khmer Food: Steamed Fish with Lemongrass and Galangal in Spicy Lime Sauce

Steamed fish. Fried fish. I hate Fish. During my childhood, I avoided fish (stewed, fried or steamed fish) like Cookie avoided jalapeno peppers. When she’s being a pest like ripping up toilet papers, I would hold a freshly broken jalapeno pepper in front of her and she would back away quickly. The sides of her lips quirking up in disgust. The exact same reaction I unconsciously make every time I see my mother cleaning and chopping fishes to make our dinner. And every time I tell my mother I don’t like fish, she always says. “Don’t worry, your taste will …

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Canada Day Guide: How to Spend Two Days In Jasper National Park

To Celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada, Parks Canada is offering free entrance to all of its national parks and heritage sites for 2017. For this Canada’s Day, take the opportunity to explore Jasper National Park.  In order to see some of the best terrains in the Canadian Rockies —to really enjoy it properly, you’ll need to do an overnight trip. A day trip is just not enough. Below, you’ll find a suggested two-day trip itinerary for lovers of the outdoors who just aren’t fit enough for the crazy Banff hikes. Or families with young children who just want to …

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