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Yuen Mi

I’ll be real honest with you. I never know what to write about in these sections. But since you went out of your way to click on the link, I’ll just assume that there’s some sort of interest regarding what sort of person is hiding behind this blog, so here are a few tidbits for your reading pleasure.

I’m Yuen –a native Cambodian raised in Canada who has dedicated her life to travel, food, art and photography. An enthusiastic adventurer with a voracious appetite for all the foods of the world. I enjoy wasting time reading fantasy, watching anime and jdrama/kdrama when I have a spare moment. 

I am in a relationship of more than 15 years, ever since high school. Yes. I've only been with one person and I am as happy as the first moment we met, when he asked me, "Do you watch anime?" (in a club, with house music blasting loudly). To which I responded with a 'no' just to see if his interest in me would change based on my interest/personality.

He deemed me unattractive the moment I said no, and lost interest. He's quirky, so I, of course, I made the next move. We went on a few dates, we clicked, and since then it’s been just the two of us, (and of course my sister who I love to death). 

Thank you for taking your time to peruse A Travel Diary –a travel and Cambodian food blog geared towards adventurous souls looking to experience South-east Asian cultures.

Whether you're on a short holiday or a long-term trip to navigate the beauty of Southeast Asia, I hope these tips will guide you, these photos will inspire you, and these stories will awaken your wanderlust. Explore the world, and all the food it offers!


Yuen Mi | A Travel Diary

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