How to make fruit tea from fresh fruit

How to make fruit tea from fresh fruit

I’m not a coffee girl. I have never been one and even if I age to 100, I cannot see myself enjoying it. I do not like the taste, although I have to admit, I do enjoy the smell of it. On the contrary, I LOVE tea. I am THE tea girl. I have a lot of it when I’m sick, a lot of it when I’m not, and a ton of it when I’m eating anything with fish. Don’t ask me why, Jose just tosh it up to my many quirks.

Hot Fruit Tea

1 teaspoon tea (I used Coconut Almond Sencha)
Half a mango, diced
2 strawberries, sliced
1 orange, slice half of it into circular pieces and juice the other half
1 teaspoon honey (optional)



Combine all ingredients into your tea press. Boil water over medium high heat. Just before the water starts to boil, pour it into your tea press. Steep 20-30 minutes.




Note: Do not let your water go into a rolling boil,  it’ll be too hot for the tea leaves.

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