Tranquility captured in Stunning Photo of Japan

Tranquility captured in Stunning Photo of Japan

Travel Bucket List #1: Yamanashi Prefecture: Encircled with mountains, abound with lakes, valleys and hillside orchards, Yamanashi District is situated next to the western part of Tokyo and southeast of central Japan. Yamanashi is known for its various places of natural beauty such as Mt. Fuji and Fuji Goko, however, it also hosts various historic ruins left for posterity by the Takeda family of warlords who ruled the region in the 16th century —Takeda-jinja Shrine and Kai Zenko-ji Temple. Although Kyoto is Japan’s second largest city and one of the most popular tourist destination in Japan, Yamanashi has its own beauty with its hillside orchards consisting of peaches, strawberries, cherries, apples, blueberries. And for the wine lover like myself, Yamanashi holds Katsunuma, the biggest vineyard in Japan. These are the main reason why I believe Yamanashi is one of the most attractive prefectures in Japan and one of the top destination I need to tour as part of my travel bucket list.  

Photographer Leslie Taylor travelled to Yamanashi Prefecture, Kyoto and Tokyo to capture the magnificent colours, beauty and the contrast of modernity and tranquillity that prevails in Japan. Check out some of my favourite images below, and be sure to visit her website to see more of her beautiful travel photography.


Sunrise Through The Pines
A sunrise through the pine trees in woods near Mt Fuji. Les Taylor Photography.


Kaneyama Waterfall
The Kaneyama Waterfall in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. Les Taylor Photography.


Yasaka Pagoda Sunset
The colors of sunset burst behind the pagoda of Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto, Japan. Les Taylor Photography.


Nighttime Hanami at Ueno Park
A nighttime hanami at Ueno Park in Tokyo. Les Taylor Photography.

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