Grapefruit Mojito: A Classic Mojito Recipe with a Twist

Grapefruit Mojito: A Classic Mojito Recipe with a Twist

I’ve always been a drinker. It all started in high school when my friend first introduced me to those breezers that tasted like juices, but with a 6% alcoholic content. Two of those ‘girly’ drinks, and I was a goner. Although, in my book, there’s no such thing as a ‘girl drink’. A man’s drink is what is in a man’s glass. A woman’s drink is what is in a woman’s glass. It is purely a cultural thing, and a marketing hype (to get girls drunk quicker). Yet that was all we drank, the girly drinks.

For years, I would only drink fruity alcoholic beverages. Of course, I was offered beer, but I hated it the moment it landed on my tongue. If not for social etiquettes, I would have probably spat it out and start scrapping at my tongue with my nails. It wasn’t many years later, in my 20s when I started to give beer another try, and WHOA batman on a bike it was kickass! I loved the strong hoppy flavours and aroma with the subtle bitterness. It was robust, refreshing, and I once again, I fell in love.

Jose, of course, loved this new development. I remember one of our goals was to go to every restaurant in the Hamilton and Toronto area that serves craft beer. And we did. Every weekend, we would journey to a new craft beer and vintage wine bar. We wouldn’t eat, we’ll just sit there and drink, enjoying each other’s company while taking notes of the ones that really wowed us. Jose being the designated driver couldn’t have more than 2 drinks, so, being the kind-hearted and generous girlfriend that I am, I drank an extra 2 or 3 for him.

Now in my thirties, I started appreciating all the range of alcoholic beverages available. Recently, I’m quite fond of mixed drinks of the martini, sangria and mojito variety. Of course with varieties comes the temptation to experiment. With so many drinks out there, why stick with the staples? Once again, my sister and I gave the classic mojito our own little twist.

1 fresh grapefruit
Half a kiwi, peeled and thinly sliced
2 tablespoons cane or coconut sugar
10 mint leaves
2 ounces of rum
Some frozen grapefruit juice (frozen in an ice tray)
4 ounces club soda



Cut the grapefruit in half. You will only need the juice of half of the grapefruit, so for the other half, slice it into thin slices and place it into a cup. Just 3-4 slices is needed so eat the rest. Might as well get your full serving of grapefruit for the day!

Add 1 tbsp of cane sugar, half the kiwi and mint leaves to your cup (with the grapefruit slices). Using a wooden spoon or in my case, a wooden pestle, crush the grapefruit slices, mint leaves and sugar together to release all the delicate juice. Usually 30 seconds would do.

Add the remaining mint leaves, kiwi and sugar. Crush it again, trying not to tear the mint leaves too much. Squeeze in the juice of half of the grapefruit, and mix to completely dissolve the sugar. You could pour the contents of the cup into a cocktail shaker and strain to remove the peel and mint, but for me, I prefer to just leave everything in the glass.

Add the frozen grapefruit ice cubes, and pour in the club soda. Squeeze in some lime, the amount depends on your preference. Stir, garnish and enjoy!



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